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ATTN LOAN OFFICERS: Specialty in RV Parks is very "Critical" in creating accurate BPO's vs. "Area Based" Commercial Brokers that are not equipped to handle park BPO's. Why? The RV park market usually spans  multiple counties and for large parks even out of state well beyond the physical location of a park. There is no time for a "On The Job" training broker to handle your BPO reqests. Contact us to discuss our experience in this area of commercial real estate.  

RV Park REO’s and the need for a BPO (Broker Opinion of Price) are rare but do happen. MHRV Advisors is one of the only firms that have actually been through a few recessions and worked on RV park BPO's. Many of the so called park “Experts” work at companies that may have been around during the 1990’s but they personally are new to the industry. To discuss a RV park BPO please contact use at . 


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