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Does the brokerage firm specialize or have a division that specializes in mobile home and RV parks sales? 

Yes, is often the answer but when you really read between the lines you may be actually limiting your exposure to the entire market and be missing out on better offer’s. A brokerage firm may have a great reputation, but in selling homes or property management company where park sales is the exception to the firm not it’s specialty.  Another consideration is a very large commercial real estate firm that has many specialty divisions such as retail, industrial and office.  The misconception is that bigger is better and there will be better access to buyers from other property types.  In concept this is sounds logical but really only applies without a conflict of interest when there are few buyers on a “Institutional” level over $10 million. The reality is that most parks sell for less than that and huge overhead costs to run these firms encourage a sometimes conscious and often subconscious emphasis on bring a buyer from within the brokerage firm or “Keeping the sale in house”.  In the worst cases listings are only brought the open market after all the internal sources have been shopped and the property has been on the market for and had a lag time of several months. Buyers their brokers become reluctant to offer on these listings because of the impression that that broker will take a “Principles Only” stance to an offer outside that brokerage firm. Remember to always determine if that agent, broker and firm really is working with your best interest in mind or if there is some possibility of conflict of interest within the firm.


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