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 BANK OFFICERS:  Specialty based brokers with Park Sales experience is "Critical" in Listing Bank Owned & REO's properties. "Locally Based" Commercial Brokers are simple not equipped to handle park sales. Park investors rarely live in same city let alone the same counties as the parks they buy. Often times owners have parks that span multiple counties and even states. There is no time for "On The Job" training for you Park REO properties. Contact us to discuss our experience in this area of commercial real estate.   

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Mobile Home Park REO’s are rare but can happen. MHRV Advisors is one of the only firms with brokers that have actually been through a few recessions and worked on park REO’s. Many of the so called park “Experts” work at companies that may have been around during the 1990’s but the brokers themselves weren’t selling parks in the early 90’s. To discuss a mobile home park REO listing please contact use at . REO properties can be hard enough, but because ot the uniqueness of parks a park REO needs a specialist.  

Rare but it happens! Usually a mobile home park turns up as a REO or Foreclosure even though the park itself is still cash flowing. Usually the borrower has other assets that are being fed by the park income and a “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” situation arises.  The other reason a park loan goes into default or foreclosure is that an attempt to redevelop the property lead to vacancies and either the city denied redevelopment plans or the timing in the market made it economically infeasible. There may be a few other unique situations such but more often than not a park simply operates in such a fashion that REO’s are rare. MHRV Advisors is one of the only brokerage firms that understands mobile home park REO and has successfully listed REO mobile home parks and sold REO mobile home parks.        

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