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Why do your marketing materials encourage the sale of my park?   

Your park broker should be taking an “All of the above” approach both off and online. Obviously the marketing material should be in full color and professionally produced. A million dollar+ asking price should not have a self made look.  Make sure your broker does a traditional mailer of park listings with a current list park owners addresses for at least 3 counties near your park.  Why? Because some of the long time park owners don’t use or need a computer.  Online is of course becoming more prevalent and a website may have all the information on but can’t be found on a search engine result.  That’s like giving you a slick marketing package but not having any park investors to send it to.  We track the top 200 keyword searches for park sales and to date we are the only park brokerage firm that consistently appear in search results. Remember if you are searching the internet for a park for sale and the listing broker you are considering rarely or never appears in the search results the chance are park buyers don’t see your listing online either.   



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